Do you want to go for helicopter ride in 2499 rupees only?

Helicopter ride

Ready for helicopter ride

It is a very enthralling experience of helicopter ride . Definitely, you would like to go for it.Pawan Hans has started it at Delhi and there is also a plan to start very soon in some of other cities.The ticket is very cheap.When i went to India during summer vacation, it was July 2017.We planned and  purchased ticket online in 2499 rupees per head.We reached to Rohini heliport at Delhi. After showing ticket, boarding pass was issued. All of us were waiting like we wait at airport.When our chance came,we were very excited. We sat in the helicopter. Take off was very nice.We saw many famous historical places.It was 10 minutes ride only.After landing , we had photograph with the pilot.It was the best ride ever.I would like to go there again.

You must go now to website of Pawan Hans to book ticket online.If booking is not showing, kindly call them or send them email because helicopter may be on maintenance or booked for charter flight.They will tell you expected date. So you can plan and follow them accordingly.

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